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The Ritual of Scent - Invigorate the senses and your sacred spaces with the immersive subtleties of Ritual Smoke. Connect with the power of scent as ritual.

Resin is the lifeblood of the tree, healing wounds and afflictions whilst protecting against infection. Whether in ritual, in ceremony, or throughout our homes and sacred spaces, when we burn resin we activate these protective, healing properties for ourselves.

The Ritual's carefully blended combination of resins emits a beautiful, fragrant smoke that clears energies whilst connecting us with our higher consciousness and spiritual realms. We have mindfully curated this sacred blend of particular plant resins to provide you with the ultimate mix of protection, nurturing, eradication, mediation and attraction.

Ritual Smoke links us to thousands of years past, to the ancient roots of ceremony and the potent mysteries of mother earth. Ritual Smoke helps us heal, bringing balance and protection to our journey by creating peace and harmony within and around us.

Ritual Smoke is ideal for use in your sacred space and the perfect addition for your ritual practices through the art of scent.

The Ritual Smoke Blend is a mixture of the following potent plant resins: Frankincense, Myrrh, Opoponax, Dark Coppal & Dragons Blood.

Kit contains:  Brass Burner; 30g Resin (enough to last months); 6 Charcoal tablets; Charcoal tongs; All presented in signature black gift box sealed with gold wax.



Originating in Oman, Yemen and the Horn of Africa, Frankincense is the dried sap of the Boswellia Tree.

Frankincense is the ultimate protector, deeply connected to the energy of the father. Frankincense assures us that we are never alone or abandoned; we are always loved and protected. Frankincense also assists in the removal of low and negative vibrations from our energy field and physical body. It supports the creation of new perspectives based on truth and light. This ancient resin is the remover of darkness from one's mind and heart, helping to draw us closer to our divinity and the integration of masculine assertion within. It grounds us and deepens our levels of prayer and meditation. This is the grandfather of resins and the container for our vastness. This vastness is the vital embodiment required in evolving with our manifestations.

MYRRH: The Nurturer

MYRRH, the reddish resin that comes from the Commiphora Tree, is native to many parts of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

Myrrh embodies the supportive energies of mother earth. This resin is the nurturer of the soul; the eternal mother. Myrrh creates a feeling of safety and security within ourselves and our surrounding environment. It helps aid and rekindle feelings of trust and confidence whilst supporting the soul through any divine feminine imbalances. In this way Myrrh is known for nurturing one's relationship with the maternal mother. Myrrh is the grandmother of resins; the warm blanket on a cold night.

COPAL: The Eradicator

COPAL resin is from the sacred tree of the Mayan people, originating in Central America.

Nicknamed ‘Young Amber’, due to its rich and heavy scent, this is one of the most sacred indigenous smokes within the Americas still in use today. Copal is known for its deep grounding qualities whilst helping enhance one's psychic abilities.

Copal has long been associated with use in evening rituals, burned as a method of divination and purification. It is also highly effective at cleansing and detoxifying the physical body, the mind and the soul, whilst exuding seduction properties powerfully supportive in the attraction of love.

Linked to the crown chakra, Copal evokes clear focus. This resin deepens our meditative practices and expands pure thoughts. It also expands our awareness whilst helping release stress and feelings of depression. Copal is the ultimate mediator. This is the monk of resins, enhancing and deepening our spiritual practice.

OPOPONAX: The Eradicator

OPOPONAX, the gum resin of the Commiphora Tree, originates in Kenya and Somalia. This resin helps to protect against parasites and danger. When used in ritual Opopanax works to protect against negative thinking as well as parasitic, vampiric energies and entities. It is wonderful to relieve mental congestion, common colds and coughs.

Opoponax cleanses the emotional system and is an integral ally in times of chaos and confusion by strengthening the mind and body whilst supporting the spirit. In assisting us to let go of the ego, Opoponax is known as the eradicator: illuminating our true identity and purpose. Opoponax reconnects us to inner trust by establishing a deep acceptance of self, supporting us to let go of control issues. This potent resin is the all-knowing and all-seeing; the intuitive eye that centres us on our journey.

DRAGONS BLOOD: The Attractor

DRAGONS BLOOD, the sacred resin from the Dracaena Draco Tree, is native to the Canary Islands and Morocco.

The physical and emotional healer, this resin commands banishment and strong protection. Helping to increase the potency of other resins, Dragons Blood is also a master supporter and vital binding ingredient in Ritual Smoke. Dragons Blood carries the energy of fire and can be used in place of a large fire, such as burning indoors for rituals where fire is needed. This ancient resin is a magnetic attractor of financial abundance, symbolising power and protection whilst balancing the potent connection of mind, body and spirit. Dragons Blood is the ultimate attractor. This resin holds the power to ignite your prosperity.