Bamboo White Toothbrush

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Bamboo White Toothbrush by Grums Aarhus. This eco-friendly toothbrush has been crafted out of bamboo with soft BPA-free bristles. Did you know bamboo grass grows extremely fast in comparison to trees, making the material far more environmentally friendly than wood. All aspects of this brush are biodegradable, from the handle to the packaging. Grums advise you to replace your toothbrush regularly to maintain good oral health.
100% natural vegan ingredients
A sustainable alternative to plastic toothbrushes
100% biodegradable handle
100% biodegradable packaging
BPA-free bristles


Run the bristles under water, apply toothpaste and brush teeth for two minutes for a thorough clean.


Mao bamboo handle, nylon bristles, eco paint, eco kraft paper box.