Sophie la Girafe Baby Body Lotion

Baby Body Lotion

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- Strengthens the protective barrier
- Soothing & nourishing
- Promotes elasticity
- Also suitable for pregnant women

A rich and moisturizing lotion that is easy to apply and quickly absorbed. The pleasant texture is easy to handle. It strengthens the skin's own protection and makes baby's skin silk-soft. The lotion leaves the skin feeling nourished and ultra light
Also suitable for pregnant women - to maintain skin suppleness and elasticity, to prevent stretch marks. The Sophie la Girafe Baby Body Lotion is a mild and easy to use for the whole family.

The selection of safe organic ingredients pampers your child’s skin:

White Tea fortifies the skin and provides antioxidant protection
Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter moisturize the skin and provide the skin with a thin moisture-retaining protective layer
Lavender Water relieves and prevents skin irritations
Oat Milk moisturizes, soothes and relieves inflammation
Application: Apply a small amount of lotion to the skin.

Tip: Tapping the skin gently helps lotion to penetrate really fast. A quick way to apply the lotion onto an active toddler’s skin is to apply a small amount of lotion onto your palms and rub them together such that the lotion is evenly distributed,and then place your palms on the child’s skin.

Today, children are exposed to a wide range of substances and products where the long-term effects have not yet been estimated. A baby's delicate skin is five times thinner when compared to that of an adult. Therefore, our children are more vulnerable to problems and dangers that can come from questionable ingredients in a large number of conventional skincare products. There is no need to learn which ingredients are beneficial for our children, as the Sophie la Girafe Baby Line has done this for you: The products are manufactured according to strict ECOCERT certification and guidelines. This means that there is not only strict regulations around the raw materials and product compositions being used, but these products are also produced ethically and are environmentally sound.

Sophie la Girafe Baby stands for quality baby care: At least 99.4% of the ingredients used are of natural origin, the products are dermatologically tested and suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. Furthermore, only well-tolerated, mild and selected ingredients are used that have protecting and supporting properties that are beneficial to the delicate skin of newborns. The product line is free of allergens or problematic perfume substances - only mild and precious scents of proven well-tolerated natural sources may be included. This means that there are no strong essential oils found in this skin care line. Also, it does not use any animal ingredients.

Sophie la Girafe is free from:

Genetically modified organisms
Petrochemical ingredients
Animal products
Synthetic fragrances and dyes
Propylene glycol
Gluten & nuts
Feverfew, Chamomile & Calendula

Aqua (Water)Sodium Coco-SulfateLavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Water [1]Cocamidopropyl BetaineCoco GlucosideGlyceryl OleateSodium CocoamphoacetateSodium ChlorideAvena Sativa Kernel Milk [1]Camellia Sinesis (White Tea) Leaf Extract [1]GlycerinGossypium Herbaceum (Cotton) ExtractAroma [2]Benzyl AlcoholCitric AcidPotassium SorbateSodium BenzoateXanthan Gum
from organic agriculture
from natural essential oils