Candle in Create by Eym
Candle in Create by Eym

Candle in Create

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What makes Eym candles so special is they’re free from synthetics- so you can burn away, without worrying that harmful chemicals are filling up your living space. Every candle is tailored to a specific part of your wellbeing, and each unique blend is composed using high quality essential oils. Burn this to boost productivity, the creative mix of orange, bergamot and black pepper is fresh, zesty and incredibly inspiring.

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How To Use
Trim wick to 1cm before using.
Burn in an enclosed space for a minimum of 2 hours to allow the scent to spread and full aromatherapy benefits to be receives.
Total Burn time - 50 hours.


Orange, bergamot and black pepper essential oils only.
Made from soy wax and cotton wicks.
Eym is 100% natural, and made with no synthetics, boosters or enhancers.