Ishimmer Cluster Lashes
Ishimmer Cluster Lashes
Ishimmer Cluster Lashes

Cluster Lashes

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Ishimmer Cluster Lashes


Ishimmer lashes are known for their incredibly lightweight and natural look, especially when it comes to the individual lashes. If you are new to falsies, the cluster lashes are the best starting point. They are also great for those who are in a rush or prefer a lighter makeup style.

Cluster 3x is the easiest and fastest way to apply individual lashes because they come in smaller groups of 3 allowing you to build your lashes with precision and ease.

Ishimmer lashes are imperceptible and undetectable. They're all about embracing one's beauty and simplifying lashes. 

Highest Quality PBT Korean Silk. (Synthetic)

Lash Style

The great thing about the Cluster 3x is that you can apply them any way you wish; on the corners of the eye, in the middle or spaced out across the full lash line.

The first four rows in the box are short 8mm - medium at 10mm long, the last two rows are medium - long at 12mm long, so you can combine and build the lash clusters to suit your individual style.

Lash Highlights

- Knot free flare lashes
- Mixed lengths (short – long)
- Soft and elastic, ultra-light and thin
- Highest quality synthetic fibre
- Come in sets of 3’s