Edge Performance Supplements by Neubria

Edge Performance Supplements

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Edge Performance Supplements by Neubria.

Optimises mental performance

Improves focus and concentration
All-natural botanical complex
22 vitamins and minerals
Vegan friendly

Power your everyday mental performance with Edge – our natural blend of active ingredients, targeted concentration vitamins, and 120mg caffeine per serving.
Created with a unique botanical complex, we’ve combined energising plant extracts including ashwagandha, gingko biloba, rhodiola and bacopa monnieri – naturally kick-starting focus and concentration whenever you need it most.
Pushing your limits in the office? We’ve added lutein and zeaxanthin to protect your eyes from the harmful blue rays emitted from computer screens.
This energy supplement with edge also packs an essential multivitamin blend, with over 100% of your recommended daily amounts for A, C, D, E, zinc, folate, iron and selenium to help nourish your brain and boost immunity.
Discover the power of what’s inside
65% of people we asked said they don’t feel cognitively sharp, and more than a quarter believe their cognitive function is in decline. That’s why our brain-boosting botanical complex is formulated to keep you functioning at the highest level – however you live your life.

Take 2 capsules daily, ideally 30 minutes before any activity – whether it’s a workout, meeting, or whenever you need an extra brain boost.
What are nootropics?
Sometimes referred to as smart drugs or smart pills, nootropics are substances that improve cognitive function – boosting mood, energy, memory, creativity and motivation. These are either natural or synthetic, and their inclusion ranges from dietary supplements to prescription drugs.
So, how do nootropics work? Put simply, they engage with the body through many different mechanisms or pathways – depending on the specific substance or extract – before reacting with chemicals within our brain to power improved cognitive performance.
But are nootropics safe? At Neubria we only us active plant-based ingredients, carefully sourced and combined to harness the true power of nature. No chemicals, additives or synthetic additions. Only ever the best nootropics supported by science to create safe, effective and all-natural supplements.