Jillian Dempsey Gold Beauty Bar

Gold Beauty Bar

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Gold Beauty Bar by Jillian Dempsey. It’s the beauty tool celebs are going crazy for. This 24K gold vibrating bar will mimic the effect of a massage, instantly relaxing facial muscles and releasing tension. Use it to at home, on both men and women, to rejuvenate the face, so that it feels and looks toned, lifted, contoured and revived, with every vibration. Created by professional makeup artist, Jillian Dempsey who uses it daily on her clientele, this beautiful bar is made in Japan.


- 24-carat gold plated, vibrating t-bar

- Instantly lifts and contours the face

- Helps revive tired, puffy looking skin

- Loved by celebrities and A-Listers

- Created by a professional makeup artist


How to Use: First apply a pea-sized amount of your favourite moisturiser to clean ‘just washed’ skin, then follow Jillian’s easy how-to:

- Cheekbones: Start at the jawline, gently pushing the bar upwards to sculpt the cheek. Continue this motion for five minutes on one side, before repeating on the other. Avoid pushing down when sculpting the cheek bones as the desired effect is to push upwards and outwards, towards the temples.

- Jawline/Chin: Starting at the jawline, gently push the bar in towards the neck and under the chin. Repeat this motion for five minutes.

- Tech Lines: Using the index finger and thumb, gently stretch the skin on either side of the tech lines. Quickly glide the bar up and down in a vertical movement to help reduce lines and prevent future visibility.


*Tech lines are the two horizontal lines that appear across neck from looking down at your phone or other types of technology.