Wunder Workshop GOLDEN TURMERIC POWDER - Organic & Single-Origin (40g)

GOLDEN TURMERIC POWDER - Organic & Single-Origin (40g)

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Wunder Workshop GOLDEN TURMERIC POWDER - Organic & Single-Origin (40g)

100% Organic, ethically sourced, single-origin turmeric powder:

Wunder Workshop sourced this batch of vibrant, single-origin turmeric powder directly from a smallholder farm in Nicaragua, where the roots are dried in the warm sunshine, to promote a sustainable, ethical and fair spice trade.

This social enterprise uses sustainable Agroforestry techniques to maintain the natural biodiversity of Nicaragua‘s flora and fauna, creating nutrient-dense soil and roots for your daily dose of turmeric.


Wunder Workshop only source from agroforestry and home gardens, which maintain the bio-diversity of their ecosystem's flora and fauna. Instead of neat rows of monoculture, this type of farming mimics natural ecosystems and uses the space available in a sustainable way.

High in curcuminoids. 

This golden turmeric root powder is as delicious as it is good for you. With improved nutrient density in the soil, through these farming practices, the roots are more vibrant in flavour and beneficial compounds. Wunder Workshop single-origin turmeric powder contains between 6-8% curcuminoids.

Endorsed by Nutrition Consultant Chantal Di Donato. 

Tip: Use for cooking, in tea, making turmeric lattes (Golden Mylk), for on your skin and more. 

*Organically certified.