22|11 Cosmetics Hair & Scalp Mask Rosemary and Lemon Extract

Hair Scalp Mask Rosemary and Lemon Extract

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Hair & Scalp Mask Rosemary and Lemon Extract by 22|11 Cosmetics. MASK: universal, intensive moisturising treatment that leaves your hair shiny and soft and calms down the scalp. Ideal to seal split ends.

CORE of the product:

LEMON OIL: rich with Vitamin C, it stimulates hair growth and detoxifies your hair pulling out all the dirt and pollution your hair is exposed to.

ROSEMARY: calms down the hair scalp and stabilises PH levels of the skin.

SILK+WHEAT PROTEINS: repairs damaged hair and seals back together split ends.

Directions of Use: MASK: apply a generous amount to clean damp hair for 5 minutes, and then was off with warm water.

SPA TREATMENT: apply a generous amount onto dry unwashed hair. Massage onto the scalp and the spread evenly down to the ends. Leave on for 5 minutes to up to 10 hours.

*We advise that you test a small amount of the product before applying to the sensitive areas of the skin. Individual reaction to natural components is possible.

Ingredients: Rosemary, Lemon Extract, Silk & Wheat Proteins.