Blooming Blends Her (Kind) Blend
Blooming Blends Her (Kind) Blend

Her (Kind) Blend

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Blooming Blends Her (Kind) Blend

Discover your daily PLANT POWER in one pipette. 

Shine from the inside out.

The HER (KIND) daily tonic is designed to help boost balance, focus and harmony.

Especially formulated with six nourishing botanicals to support female wellbeing, this blend will help boost skin, hair and nail health, bring clarity and calm, balance hormones and help nourish your inner bloom. 

The botanical and adaptogen extracts chosen for this fortifying formula will help to relight your sparkle and keep it shining while assisting the body to deal with the daily pressures of life.

The HER (KIND) daily tonic is made from 100% natural botanical extracts.  
Blooming Blends do not add any extra vitamins or minerals.
All the supplement power comes directly from these amazing plants and can easily be incorporated into your established daily wellbeing routine.

This tonic is alcohol-free.

A magical blend of botanical glycerine extracts:

SHATAVARI - balance hormones
GOJI BERRY - boost skin health
ROSEHIP - helps the body deal with daily pressure
CHLORELLA - antioxidant
SIBERIAN GINSENG - adaptogen giving great energy release
NETTLE LEAF - nail and hair health, iron

Take a full pipette daily under the tongue or drop into water.
Best taken with breakfast

SERVING SIZE: 1 full pipette

NOTHING HIDDEN, NOTHING ARTIFICIAL - just nature's magic at its very best.