Insta360 GO 3
Insta360 GO 3
Insta360 GO 3
Insta360 GO 3
Insta360 GO 3
Insta360 GO 3
Insta360 GO 3
Insta360 GO 3
Insta360 GO 3

Insta360 GO 3

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    Insta360 GO 3

    • Lightweight and portable.
    • Unique hands-free POVs.
    • Magnetic mounting system for creative angles.
    • Action Pod with remote control and live preview.
    • Camera waterproof to 16ft (5m). Action Pod IPX4 splashproof.

    Why choose GO 3?

    Small & Lightweight
    The world's smallest action camera weighs just 35g (1.2oz). Take it anywhere, any time.

    Hands-Free POV
    Crisp 2.7K video for hassle-free, immersive POVs.

    Mount Anywhere
    Magnetic mounting system and included accessories enable endless creative angles.

    Super Charged Battery
    Shoot for 50% longer than GO 2. 45 minutes with just GO 3 or 170 minutes with the Action Pod.

    FlowState Stabilization
    Guaranteed steady shots with gimbal-like stabilization and 360 horizon leveling.

    Multifunctional Action Pod
    Charges GO 3 and provides remote control and live preview on a huge, new, flip touchscreen.

    Rugged & Waterproof
    Camera is waterproof to 16ft (5m) with a replaceable lens guard. Action Pod is IPX4 splashproof.

    AI-Powered Editing
    Quick, easy editing in the Insta360 app with an intuitive interface and AI editing tools.

    Insta360 GO 3 Standard bundle:

    • Standard Bundle includes 1x GO 3 (64GB), 1x Action Pod, 1x Lens Guard (pre-installed on the lens by default), 1x Magnet Pendant, 1x Pivot Stand and 1x Easy Clip.
    • Note: If you have a pacemaker, please do not wear GO 3 on your chest, or use the Magnet Pendant due to its magnetism.

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    35mm Equivalent Focal Length

    Video Resolution

    2.7K: 2720x1536@24/25/30fps
    1440P: 2560x1440@24/25/30/50fps
    1080P: 1920x1080@24/25/30/50fps

    FreeFrame Video
    1440P: 2560x1440@24/25/30/50fps
    1080P: 1920x1080@24/25/30/50fps

    1440P: 2560x1440@30fps

    1440P: 2560x1440@15/30fps

    Slow Motion
    1080P: 1920x1080@120fps

    2.7K: 2720x1536@24/25/30fps
    1440P: 2560x1440@24/25/30/50fps
    1080P: 1920x1080@24/25/30/50fps

    Loop Recording
    2.7K: 2720x1536@24/25/30fps
    1440P: 2560x1440@24/25/30/50fps
    1080P: 1920x1080@24/25/30/50fps

    Photo Resolution
    2560x1440 (16:9)
    2560x2560 (1:1)
    1440x2560 (9:16)
    2936x1088 (2.7:1)

    Video Format

    Photo Format
    INSP (can be exported via App or Studio) 
    DNG (can be exported via App or Studio)

    Video Modes
    Video, FreeFrame Video, Timelapse, TimeShift, Slow Motion, Pre-Recording, Loop Recording

    Photo Modes
    Photo, HDR Photo, Interval, Starlapse

    Color Profiles
    Standard, Vivid, Flat

    Video Coding

    Max. Video Bitrate

    Exposure Value

    ISO Range

    Shutter Speed
    Photo: 1/8000 - 120s
    Video: 1/8000 - to the limit of frames per second

    White Balance
    Auto, 2000 - 10000K

    Audio Modes
    Wind Reduction, Stereo, Direction Focus

    Audio Format
    48Khz, 24bits, AAC

    GO 3: 35.5g (1.25oz)
    Action Pod: 96.3g (3.40oz)

    Dimensions (W x H x D)

    GO 3: 25.6x54.4x23.2mm (1.0x2.1x0.9in)

    Action Pod:
    Screen Folded: 63.5x47.6x29.5mm (2.5x1.9x1.2in)
    Screen Unfolded: 63.5x86.6x29.9mm (2.5x3.4x1.2in)

    32GB, 64GB, 128GB

    Battery Capacity
    GO 3: 310mAh
    Action Pod: 1270mAh

    Charging Time
    GO 3: 23 mins to 80% | 35 mins to 100%
    Action Pod: 47 mins to 80% | 65 mins to 100%

    Run Time
    GO 3 + Action Pod: 170 mins
    *Tested in 25°C (77°F) lab conditions at 1080p@30fps in "Video Mode", with screen and Wi-Fi off. Run time may vary in different conditions.

    Use Environment
    GO 3: -4°F to 104°F (-20℃ to 40℃)
    Action Pod: -4°F to 104°F (-20℃ to 40℃)

    BLE 5.0



    6-axis gyroscope