Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate

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A comprehensive treatment to improve the looks of lip , volume, texture, and contour, combining a wide borrowing from peptide technology . 


This serum contains an immediate-acting technology to increase visible lip redness without any pigments or dyes. To avoid redness of the surrounding skin, apply only a very small amount with your fingertip directly on the lips. Do not apply to the skin and especially avoid sensitive areas. NIOD recommends washing your hands after application. of accidental exposure to skin, no special action is necessary. The immediate-term redness on the skin will disappear within a few minutes on its own. 




(Solubilized in a base of isolated sugarcane  and sea buckthorn oil)

Bio-Commipheroline Pro-Lipid Complex

Isolated from Indian bdellium-tree, this complex contains two specific markers—commipherol and —acting under two synergistic reactions offer the look of increased lip volume.

Palmitoyl-KMO2K-Sugar-Ester Peptide Bio-Complex

Through a unique pathway, this next-generation peptide complex supports other technologies in increasing the look of lip volume while helping to sustain hydration increase of +50.6% even 20 hours after application.

Chinese Zhi Mu 

Rich in the sapogenin sarsasapogenin and the xanthonoid mangiferin.

Lipid Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12 Complex

Modelled after an amino acid sequence in dermal elastin, this complex improves the appearances of lip suppleness and firmness.

Lipid Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 Complex

A natural constituent of human plasma generated naturally after tissue injury.

Patented Dihydrodehydrodiisoeugenol Complex

A novel, multi-faceted approach to improving the look of lip volume and supporting against oxidative compounds (oxyradical absorption capacity of near-Trolox equivalency at 0.0011% ).

Nicotinic Acid Methyl Ester

Traditionally used to relieve aching muscles after exertion, this compound causes an increase in visible lip redness almost immediately for a darker, more pronounced appearance. This technology offers an immediate and shorter-term benefit with no long-term value in the formulation.

Lipid Hyaluronic Acid Cross-Linked with Japanese Konjac

Very-low-molecular-weight, water-deprived hyaluronic acid cross-linked with a bio-derivative of Japanese Konjac is able to increase water-retention dramatically by a 2,400% maximum water absorption capacity versus a hypothetical 1,700% for hyaluronic acid alone (hypothetical because hyaluronic acid alone would be unavailable in dry form in a suitable formula). The visible volumizing effect of this technology is achieved through extended water retention.

Inca Inchi Oil

Sourced from Peruvian Amazonia, this superb oil is composed of more than 80% omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and helps support the epidermis through forming a barrier to water loss.

Sesamin Bio-Fractions

A  from sesame seeds, this  is able to enhance the look of lip volume by nearly 25% through a pathway independent from other technologies used in the formula.