Bloom and Bambi MORNING MAMA!
Bloom and Bambi MORNING MAMA!


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Bloom and Bambi MORNING MAMA!

A bright and lively infusion to rouse your senses. Combining the generous warmth of ginger root with a refreshing splash of citrus fruits, wonderfully balanced with a hint of mint. To help soothe morning sickness and balance digestion.

Ideal for use throughout pregnancy

12 pyramid teabags

Tasting notes
Bright and lively with sweet warming spices, balanced with subtle citrus top notes

Ginger(30%), Aniseed,Fennel,Apple Pieces,Lemon Myrtle,Rosehips,Peppermint(5%),Lemon Balm,Nettle,Hibiscus,Orange peel(3%),Natutal flavouring

Brewing Instructions
Infuse in freshly boiled water for three minutes and enjoy without milk.

Sourcing and Recyclability
Ethically sourced ingredients hand blended in the UK. Bloom and Bambi tubes are made from 100% recyclable board. The inner film is made from compostable cellulose and our pyramid teabags are compostable too.