Nailmatic Tattoo Pen Set - LIMITED EDITION BUNNY

Nailmatic Tattoo Pen Set - LIMITED EDITION BUNNY

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The Rabbit by Ami Imaginaire

2 temporary Tattoopen and 8 reusable stencils with forest theme

Ami imaginaire, a French street artist who takes us here in her animal and floral universe.

Discover this limited edition box which contains 2 black and brown temporary tattoo markers and 8 unpublished stencils around the theme of nature.

This limited edition is a tribute to nature, the forest and its 4-legged inhabitants. Thanks to the stencils, it is possible to easily represent the works of the artist.

The 8 reusable stencils are drawing aids that perfectly complement this set of two Tattoopen. They allow you to get inspired, to get started and to become an artist yourself.

Children from three years of age, as well as older children, can have fun tattooing the artist's symbols on their bodies in an ephemeral way.

Take one of the colors of the box, position a stencil on skin and follow the lines.

The drawing is revealed and it is possible to continue to create around it according to your imagination.

Everything is possible !

🧒 For children aged 3 and above

💧 Formulated with 60% water

🧼 Washable with soap and water

♻ Reusable stencils made from recycled plastic

🇪🇺 Made in the European Union

🧑‍🔬 Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested

Tattoopen is formulated with 60% water and is gentle on sensitive skin. They are dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. They are made in Italy.

Easy to handle, Tattoopen temporary tattoo markers have a soft lead that allows you to make thin or thick lines very easily. Being formulated without oily finish, the ink dries quickly on the skin and does not smudge. They are also washable in case of stains on clothes!

The stencils are made from recycled plastic and are recyclable. They are designed to be reusable so that the game can always be extended. Specially designed for children, our stencil board has rounded edges (to avoid scratching) and easy attachment points for children. They are made in the Netherlands.

To discover the wonderful universe of the street artist Ami Imaginaire, go to her instagram account: @ami_imaginaire_streetart