Newborn Wonder Tea - Pack of 6 by HotTea Mama
Newborn Wonder Tea - Pack of 6 by HotTea Mama
Newborn Wonder Tea - Pack of 6 by HotTea Mama
Newborn Wonder Tea - Pack of 6 by HotTea Mama

Newborn Wonder Tea

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The perfect new mama tea. Anti-oxidant rich, high caffeine white tea and whole rose buds have been blended to create a soothing, rejuvenating blend to enjoy by your newborn. It has a slow release caffeine effect thanks to the high level of theanine in the leaf. Every mama’s best friend!

Each pack contains 15 whole leaf, biodegradable tea pyramids.
They can be used to make 30 cups of tea or more.

Newborn Wonder – the perfect new mama tea 

The perfect new mama tea – high in caffeine, theanine and antioxidants.

You will probably be on an emotional roller coaster of hormones once your tiny baby arrives. This blend of White Tea and delicate Rose Buds will soothe your soul and relax you into the wonders of motherhood. It has just the right level of caffeine and antioxidants to get you through the long days and nights of parenthood.

The base of the tea is Bai Mu Dan (White Peony Tea). It is one of the most famous white teas in China. Pickers carefully select two leaves and a bud which is then made into this tea. It is extremely simply prepared, as the tea leaves are placed on bamboo trays to wither in the open air and dry.

This production technique, plus the young leaf that is used, ensure that the tea is extremely high in both caffeine and theanine. We all know caffeine is a stimulant, but few people realise theanine is a relaxant. In combination, they create a slow release caffeine effect, which can help give you the sustained uplift you need to get through the hazy days after birth and beyond.

HotTea Mama have added rose buds to give the tea a delicately floral aroma and has also been reputed to help ease stress and anxiety.

It’s the perfect cup of tea to enjoy beside your newborn. You’ve just given birth. You deserve it.


Delicately floral – mellow white tea and fragrant rose

White Peony has a soft, delicate flavour with notes of melon and cucumber.

Rose buds are sweet and floral.

In combination, the tea is uplifting, delicate and balanced.


Scented White Tea


As each bag contains whole leaves, flowers and fruit pieces, don’t throw it away after one brew. Add water to each bag at least twice to get the most out of the botanicals.


White Peony White Tea
Rose Buds


15 whole leaf, biodegradable tea pyramids
Each pack of 15 tea pyramids, can be used to make 30 cups of tea, or more.