Life Armour slumber herbal infusion

slumber herbal infusion

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Life Armour slumber herbal infusion

A dreamy, naturally caffeine free infusion to help you unwind and drift off after a long day. Expertly blended in the UK by leading medical herbalist Dee Atkinson. 

This loose leaf tea infusion contains 100% organic ingredients that are ethically sourced and widely used for their healthcare benefits.

A blend of lemon balm, passion flower, chamomile, lavender, valerian root and hops create the perfect night time ritual.

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100% organic and ethically sourced. Chamomile (25%), Passionflower (20%), Lemon Balm (15%), Lavender (15%), Valerian Root (15%) , Hops (10%)

Place 1 tablespoon in to our tea infuser, a cafetière or teapot with infuser. Add 250ml (1 cup) of boiling water and steep for 3-5 minuets. 

Enjoy as part of your evening ritual. Serve hot or cold over ice as a refreshing iced tea. Sweeten with honey if desired.