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Spark Memory Support Supplements

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Spark Memory Support Supplements by Neubria

Caffeine-free mental performance
Improves focus and concentration
Active plant-based ingredients
Everyday multivitamin blend
Vegan friendly
Keep your mind clear and power mental performance with Spark – our everyday brain supplement created to improve memory, focus and attention with zero caffeine.

Get the clarity you’re searching for with Neubria's unique botanical blend of turmeric, bacopa monnieri, ashwagandha, ginkgo biloba, rosemary and sage to nourish your brain by supporting healthy cognitive function.

Neubria's scientifically proven formulation of all-natural plant extracts includes citicoline and co-enzyme 10, an antioxidant that fuels mitochondria cells for much-needed brain power.

Ashwagandha, Searching for memory-improving supplements? Look no further. This broad-spectrum botanical contributes to brain health performance – and is an absolute must. Boosting executive function, sustained attention and information-processing speed.

Citicoline, Evaluated for memory benefits across a number of studies, the cognitive positive effects of this compound include the ability to improve working memory and enhance overall brain activation.

Ginkgo Biloba, Boasting high levels of flavonoids and terpenoids, this plant extract contains powerful antioxidants to naturally boost brain health, making it a must for brain supplements – promoting positive brain function and offering membrane-stabilising properties.

Turmeric, This spicy root-like subterranean stem contains bioactive compounds called curcuminoids. Proven to have natural anti-inflammatory benefits that may explain its neuroprotective properties, it’s ideal to boost cognitive function as part of a brain supplement.

Sage, Cultivated widely across Europe, clinical trials have shown the sage leaf can improve levels of alertness, calmness, and contentedness, as well as helping to reduce mental fatigue – enhancing overall cognitive performance and a key inclusion for any brain supplements.

Rosemary ,Supported by extensive research, this herb is packed with essential vitamins for memory, found to enhance the production of nerve growth factors and prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine – a chemical important for thinking, concentration and memory.

Take 2 capsules daily, and keep this up for at least a month to feel the true benefit of our selected botanicals and their memory-boosting abilities.

What are nootropics?

Sometimes referred to as smart drugs or smart pills, nootropics are substances that improve cognitive function – boosting mood, energy, memory, creativity and motivation. These are either natural or synthetic, and their inclusion ranges from dietary supplements to prescription drugs.

So, how do nootropics work? Put simply, they engage with the body through many different mechanisms or pathways – depending on the specific substance or extract – before reacting with chemicals within our brain to power improved cognitive performance.

But are nootropics safe? At Neubria we only us active plant-based ingredients, carefully sourced and combined to harness the true power of nature. No chemicals, additives or synthetic additions. Only ever the best nootropics supported by science to create safe, effective and all-natural supplements.