monpure Strengthening Essence-Conditioner
monpure Strengthening Essence-Conditioner
MONPURE Strengthening Essence Conditioner

Strengthening Essence Conditioner

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MONPURE's Strengthening Essence-Conditioner is an ultra-lightweight conditioning ‘essence’ to soothe and hydrate the scalp-skin and strands, locking in moisture without feeling greasy or weighing the hair down. 

If you thought conditioner was just meant for the ends of your hair and not your scalp, this Strengthening Essence-Conditioner will make you think again. Turning the traditional idea of conditioner on its head (pun intended) MONPURE called this an ‘essence-conditioner’ because of its unique lightweight texture  – similar to a skincare ‘essence’ inspired by K-beauty regimes. It treats and nourishes the scalp-skin and strands, without feeling heavy or leaving the hair looking flat. (Also if you’ve just used the Nourish and Stimulate Scalp Mask, this is the perfect follow-on product to boost its scalp-loving effects.) Perfect for all hair types – especially fine and flyaway hair - it contains strengthening vegan silk peptides, while argan oil and pro vitamin B5 deliver a moisturising double-act to leave the scalp and hair supremely nourished.

Key ingredients

Argan Oil
This popular haircare ingredient is produced from Argan trees in Morocco and is packed with essential fatty acids and vitamin E to boost elasticity and shine. What makes it particularly great for hair is that it’s lighter than other plant-based oils, so doesn’t leave it feeling greasy or heavy.

Coconut Oil
Packed with essential vitamins and fatty acids as well as delivering a good glug of moisture, coconut is like a nourishing espresso shot for your scalp, stimulating hair growth and helping to repair broken strands.

Pro Vitamin B5
Otherwise known as ‘pantothenic acid’, this is great if your scalp is dry and flaky, as it works like a sponge – rapidly absorbing moisture and locking it in. It’s also used to treat wounds and irritation, encouraging skin cell regeneration so your scalp is left fortified and soothed.

Silk Peptides
Silkgel is a pioneering new vegan alternative to regular silk peptides, providing a “second skin” effect to the scalp and hair follicles. Produced via a process of fermenting plant starch, it’s been clinically proven to not only repair fragile or damaged hair strands, but also protect the hair and scalp from harmful pollutants as well as bacterial adhesion.

How to Use

1. Use after cleansing with Silk Protein Shampoo.

2. Use a walnut-sized amount (longer, thicker hair may need slightly more)

3. Gently massage into the scalp and hair.

4. Leave in for two minutes, then rinse thoroughly with cold water for extra shine.

Caution: In case of eye contact, wash out thoroughly with water.