Super Glowy

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Super Glowy by Glow Bar. 

Created using a magical blend of beauty focused adaptogenic superherbs, such as Asqwagandha and He Shou Wu, and super fruits, Mangosteen and Goji Berry. Together they work to boost the radiance of complexions, clearing skin and enhancing hair growth and shine. Simply sprinkle into smoothies, over your porridge, or mix it into cooking creations to reap the benefits.

How To Use

Stir, mix, whisk or sprinkle into any hot drink, smoothie or shake.


Ashwagandha*, Pearl Powder°, Schisandra Berry°, Mangosteen Rind Powder*, He Shou Wu*, Amla Berry*, Goji Berry Powder*, Yacon Root Powder*, Stevia

*Organically Certified | °Wild Harvested


Super Glowy by Glow Bar

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