Super Sexy by Glow Bar

Super Sexy

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Super Sexy by Glow Bar. 

This aphrodisiac blend of adaptogenic superherbs will help to lift energy levels, while keeping you feeling fired up and sexy!* Simply sprinkle into smoothies, mix it into cooking creations or stir into your night-time kip, to reap the benefits. *Sexiness is sadly not guarantee with this supplement, you have you bring your own.

How To Use

Stir, mix, whisk or sprinkle into any hot drink, smoothie or shake.


Shilajit°, Horny Goat Weed*, Shatavari*, Muira Puama°, Mucuna Pruriens*, Maca (Gelatinised)*, Goji Berry Powder*, Yacon Root Powder*, Stevia

*Organically Certified| °Wild Harvested