Take A Pause Menopause Tea Blend

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Take A Pause Menopause Tea Blend by HotTea Mama

HotTea Mama's bespoke Take A Pause menopause tea blend is designed to nurture your body when you need it most.  Hand crafted with herbs that have been used for millennia to ease stress and anxiety, regulate blood flow, improve sleep and reduce hot flushes.

Blended using whole leaf ingredients to support women naturally through peri-menopause and menopause.

Each ingredient has been selected for a functional purpose but in combination they create a refreshing herbal blend that is best enjoyed iced.

- Raspberry Leaf - can lessen heavy menstrual flows

- Ginseng - improve mood changes, and increase length and quality of sleep

- Green Tea - support bone strength and guard against weight gain

- Gingko Bilboa - improve blood circulation and cognitive function

- Liquorice - can help reduce the occurrence and length of hot flushes

- Valerian - reduce stress and anxiety, aid sleep


A refreshing, herby blend. With green tea top notes, and a sweetness from the liquorice, combining with fresh, grassy herbal tones.

Balanced to be most refreshing as an iced tea - so as not to worsen any hot flushes you may be suffering from.

HotTea Mama don’t recommend adding milk or sugar.


Raspberry Leaf
Green Tea
Gingko Bilboa
Valerian Root

HotTea Mama Take A Pause Menopause Tea Blend