The Ritual The Embodied Ritual Kit
The Ritual The Embodied Ritual Kit

The Embodied Ritual Kit

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The Ritual The Embodied Ritual Kit

"You are light and dark; masculine and feminine; sun and moon. Connect to Self. Become enraptured, enlivened, electrified by the totality of who you are and connect with the royalty within.”

This ritual kit opens you up to nurture the love we desire in ourselves, to indulge in our sensuality and the senses to commune with ourselves in Sacred Ritual. It helps you see yourself and others with new eyes; ears are open to hear with deeper understanding; your senses awaken to enjoy the totality of life’s experiences. By expanding our perception, we open the doorway to the mystery within, the barriers built against yourself begin to fall away, your emerge awakened to your Divinity. 

The Embodied Ritual Kit was hand-crafted with intention and is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. It includes hand-blended organic 'Bath Nectar' and the essentials to perform the ritual with a written invocation to instil healing, connection and self love.


1 x Organic beeswax votive candle

1 x Sustainably harvested Palo Santo stick

1 x Sustainably farmed and harvested Sage stick

1 x Full moon charged Citrine crystal

1 x Organic blue lotus infused anointing oil

1 x Organic Herbal Bath Nectar 80g


A stone also known as The Universal healer, it holds the energy of ‘gentle’ and ‘powerful’ all at once. Citrine comes in many forms and is a type of quartz used to bring the body into equilibrium and to balance our yin/yang masculine/feminine energies. This golden hand polished stone imbues joy and abundance with its honey hues and lifts vibrations and ones connection to Self.


The 'Anointing Oil' is part of the Ritual experience to help you connect with your third eye and heart chakra. This oil is hand-blended and infused with organic herbs to bring about a sense of calm through sensory awareness throughout the ritual.
Ingredients: Organic, biodynamic Australian cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil infused with organic calendula flowers, frankincense, myrrh and blue lotus petals for six moon cycles.
If you are pregnant or have existing sensitivities, please consult your practitioner before use.
Each ingredient has been carefully sourced and of the absolute highest quality. 
- Olive Oil has been used by the ancients in ritual and self-care for thousands of years and is a rich in vitamin A, D, E and K and full of antioxidants. Olive Oil naturally protects the skin from damage due to its high Squalene content and is highly moisturising to all skin types.
- Calendula carries the energy of the sun its is vibrant colour whilst soothing and calming the skin from irritations, inflammation and helps boost collagen production in the skin.
- Blue lotus has been used by ancient Egyptians for thousands of years and the likes of Cleopatra for its intoxicating floral scent. The use of sacred blue lotus in this anointing oil helps to awaken ones intuition and increase dopamine. 
- Frankincense resin is from the Boswellia tree and supports communication and reduces inflammation. 
- Myrrh supports healthy skin and wound healing whilst also helping instil a mediative mind. 
- Vanilla is high in antioxidants and reduced inflammation.

Hand Blended Bath Nectar
This hand-blended herbal 'Bath Tea' is part of the ritual experience to help instil connection, healing and nurturing energies. It is made from organic food grade and ingredients and for external use only.
Ingredients: Pink Himalayan rock salt, Dead Sea mineral salt, organic coconut milk powder, organic dried Manuka honey, organic calendula petals, organic chamomile flowers, organic dried orange, royal gold mica.

Not to be ingested, for external use only. If you are pregnant or have sensitivities, please consult your practitioner before use.