Travel-Sized the Brightener
Travel-Sized the Brightener

Travel-Sized the Brightener

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A super-lightweight eye cream with peptides, ceramides and caffeine to hydrate and strengthen the delicate eye while brightening dark circles too.


Olive oil fractions: rich in squalene, helps to restore the skin’s epidermal barrier

Vitamin A: specifically formulated for the delicate under-eye skin to hydrate and stimulate collagen production

Ceramides: an effective ingredient to prevent dehydration

Peptides: stimulate the skin's daily repair, target puffiness and create a texture that sits well under concealer

Caffeine: helps to boost circulation while constricting the blood vessels, which helps lessen the appearance of dark circles



Use your ring finger to tap a pea sized amount under the eye area and over the eyelids, using a gentle tapping motion to give the eye area a boosting massage.