VIBE Herbal Adaptogen Supplement - Adrenal Fatigue and Stress Support

VIBE Herbal Adaptogen Supplement - Adrenal Fatigue and Stress Support

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Verve Blends VIBE Herbal Adaptogen Supplement - Adrenal Fatigue and Stress Support

VIBE is a powdered herbal supplement containing six adaptogens (Ashwagandha root, Astragalus root, Holy Basil leaf, Rhodiola root, Schisandra berry, Siberian Ginseng root) as well as added antioxidants from raspberry and beetroot.

VIBE has been blended to provide support for the adrenals (recovery from fatigue), immunity and focus.

Put simply, VIBE has been crafted for Mind and Body Recovery.           

What are VIBE's Benefits?

Adrenal Recovery - Adaptogens can increase the effectiveness of adrenal gland secretion, thereby abolishing excess hormone production. In the absence of stress, adaptogens can accelerate the closure of the adrenal gland. Furthermore, adaptogens can increase cellular energy levels and prevent oxidative damages, leading to the maintenance of normal adrenal function1

Essentially, adaptogens can help our body to cope with stressful situations and help us to recover quicker. In the long term, adaptogens can help with persistent chronic fatigue symptoms. 

Immune Function - Adaptogen herbs can directly support immunity by promoting the production of white blood cells specifically Macrophages (target pathogens) and T-Cells (linked to the immune response).

Improve Focus - Incorporating adaptogens into your diet has been shown to be effective at raising concentration and memory. Adaptogens have a subtle stimulatory effect which helps support focus. Unlike artificial stimulants, using adaptogens will not result in energy level crashes.

Stress Management - The consumption of adaptogens supports the body’s ability to cope with stress, as well as helping the body gradually strengthen its natural ability to tolerate stressors. When the body perceives something as stressful, the body will secrete stress hormones via its Endocrine system (namely cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline). Adaptogens can help the body modulate the release of these stress hormones and thereby help rebuild natural hormone levels, which can have a number of flow-on beneficial effects.

Per 3g serving: Ashwagandha root (374mg), Astragalus root (374mg), Holy Basil leaf (374mg), Rhodiola root (374mg), Schisandra berry (374mg), Siberian Ginseng root (374mg), Raspberry (368mg), Beetroot (368mg), Stevia Reb A (20mg)

That’s it, nothing else – No fillers!

No Allergens

Net Weight 105g. 35 servings in each jar per 3g serving (1 tsp)

VIBE is subtly sweet and makes the perfect addition to blended smoothies and juices. Check out our smoothie ideas that complement VIBE on our recipe page. A full serving size of VIBE is just one teaspoon.

If you want to go low fuss, you can mix VIBE with cold water or even better, make it into a hot tea. To reduce the natural sedimentation when mixing into low density liquids we recommend using just half a teaspoon and having up to two servings a day.