Five Essentials For New Moms And Their Babies

The Elvie Breast Pump uses revolutionary technology to make breast feeding slot seamlessly into your life as a busy parent. Designed with the on-the-go mom in mind, it is lightweight, small and fits into a standard nursing bra. It’s easily assembled in seconds and has just five parts that require cleaning. The pump is also extremely quiet so you can pump wherever, whenever without a worry.
You can connect your Elvie Breast Pump to the free Elvie Pump app to monitor milk in real time, track history and control the device remotely. And just to make things even easier, the pump will automatically switch from Stimulation into Expression mode when it detects let-down and will pause when the bottle is full.

Where the comfort toy meets technology. The Humming Sensory Bear features a CRYsensor that produces pink noise, which reminds baby of the calming sounds they heard in the womb. This clever device automatically detects crying and responds with these friendly sounds, soothing your baby into contentment before switching back to standby mode. The pink noise also filters out environmental noise and its volume can be easily adjusted or turned on/off. The toy is hand-made with high quality contrasting textiles to support sensory development and can be attached to most bed thanks to its magnetic paws.

Owlet Cam

Baby monitors have come along way since their walkie-talkie days. The Owlet Cam live streams HD 1080p video to your smartphone, complete with night vision and two-way audio over secure, encrypted WiFi. The Cam has a room temperature sensor and a 130-degree wide angle lens so can stay informed of your baby and their surroundings from anywhere via the app. It also comes with a magnetic base and wall mounting kit.

Atelier Choux Carre

Atelier Choux’s signature carres are an essential for mother and baby. Beautifully designed and cleverly versatile, their carres can be used as a light blanket, to create shade or privacy, to wipe baby’s face and more. They are crafted from the finest certified organic cotton that is soft and hypo-allergenic, ensuring your baby’s comfort and safety. Aterlier Choux’s carres, along with the rest of their collection, are finished with delicate illustrations offering a French elegance. Once you have a carre, there’s no guaranteeing you won’t want the rest of the range…

Newborn Wonder Tea

New moms, meet your saviour in the form of tea. Newborn Wonder is a calming and rejuvenating blend of antioxidant rich, high caffeine white tea and whole rose buds. The key to this tea’s dual awakening and relaxing properties is the special production technique used for white tea. It ensures high caffeine and theanine content. As caffeine stimulates, theanine relaxes, creating a slow release constant lift to get you through you and baby’s routine. Enjoy this delicately balanced floral tea alongside your new life as a parent.