Help your skin during challenging times

We can’t deny that 2020 has forced us to accept a new reality as we adapt to circumstances that seem ever changing and at times overwhelming. Whether these adaptations be limiting interactions with friends and loved ones to working from home for the foreseeable future. Facemasks have become as much of a non-negotiable as mobile phones- alongside pocket disinfectant sprays and gels. Whilst we hope to return to some sense of greater normality soon, there’s no denying that this greater emphasis on hygiene is here to stay- so may that hand sanitizer in your handbag get cosy with your wallet and essential lipstick.

We may all be happy to virtually bathe in disinfectant to keep germs at bay- but our skin definitely isn’t. You wouldn’t be the first to complain of skin redness, irritation and rashes on the hands, with the alcohol-based anti-bacterial products proving harmful to skin, especially when used as frequently as we do now.

This inflammation of the skin is a form of eczema known as dermatitis, that has become an increasingly frequent condition in recent months. Whilst affecting more people now than before, it is particularly common amongst nurses with 87% suffering from dermatitis during their career. This isn’t particularly surprising, considering the average nurse washes their hands 55 times a day (some up to 100 times). As a result, sickness absence caused by contact dermatitis costs the NHS 9 million pounds a year. 

Nursem acknowledged the issue and developed a product with nurses to offer immediate and targeted relief from the effects of relentless hand washing. The skin friendly formula contains 9 active ingredients to soothe symptoms of dermatitis and has been tested for use in hospitals alongside alcohol gels and antibacterial hand washes. Each ‘Promise Pack’ contains enough Caring Hand Cream for 24 nursing staff- leaving them to enjoy working life without the discomfort. The feedback from Nurses has been fantastic, with many saying the Care range has both helped to heal and protect their skin during their long working shifts. 

So for every product bought, a month worth of Nursem is provided to a nurse or midwife. Customers are also encouraged to refer someone they know from the NHS, who will be sent a ‘Promise Pack’ so they can benefit too.

Whilst there has yet to be a more crucial time to support the wonderful initiative (which you can read up more about here), we all could benefit from the Nursem products to heal and protect our skin as we continue to religiously wash and sanitize our hands.

So spread the Care range this winter - support nurses, midwives, send to a family member or friend- and your skin will thank us later too.

In Good Health,

Oxygen Boutique