DIRTEA Chaga Mushroom Powder

Chaga Mushroom Powder

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DIRTEA Chaga Mushroom Powder

For defence, skin & energy

    Chaga helps fortify your immune system, gives you a natural energy boost, whilst helping to promote healthy skin. 

    • Very High levels of Antioxidants
    • Fortifies Immune System
    • Natural Energy Boost - no jitters or caffeine crash
    • High Source of Melanin
    • Nutrient Dense: contains Vitamin D, Potassium, Amino Acids, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium 
    • Can Reduce Inflammation 
    • Instant - Just add hot water
    • Or add to your coffee, cacao or shake

    99p per cup, 5 Calories per serving 

    Taste: Smooth & Earth

    Ingredients: 100% Organic Chaga Mushroom Powder.