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Kettle - Steel
Kettle - Steel
Kettle - Steel
Kettle - Steel
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Kettle - Steel

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aarke Kettle - Steel

Temperature control kettle

Aarke Kettle is an electric temperature control kettle with multiple temperature settings, ranging from 40° to 100°C, and a convenient LED cool-down indicator. Crafted in stainless steel with a heat-safe handle, our temperature control kettle offers a unique combination of functionality, design and engineering:

Non-drip spout is designed for perfect pouring and easier serving, while the smooth-opening lid prevents hot water droplets from splashing off.

The heat-retaining double-wall construction makes the Aarke Kettle an energy efficient and exceptionally quiet kettle.

Dry boil protection provides extra safety and automatically turns our temperature control kettle off, when accidentally trying to boil with no or too little water.

Included in the box

4 x 290 ml glasses
• Temperature control kettle
• 360° swivel base with cord & cord winder (UK & Ireland plug)
• Removable stainless steel limescale filter
• Product manual

Kettle capacity

Minimum boiling volume: 0.5 L
Maximum boiling volume: 1.2 L


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Materials: stainless steel

Boiling time: +/- 3 minutes, depending on the power outlet, water temperature before boiling starts and room temperature

Power: 1850-2200 W

Manufactured in: China

1. Press the button to activate. The default temperature setting is 100°C.

2. To change the setting - press the button again and toggle through the temperature settings and stop when the light is at the desired option.

3. After 2,5 seconds the kettle will start heating the water.

4. As the water heats up, light at set temperature will pulsate until chosen temperature is reached. The heating process can be stopped at any time by pressing the same button.

5. When water reaches the desired temperature, the light will stop pulsating and the kettle will make a sound signal.