Nailmatic Tattoo Pen Set - LIMITED EDITION NEW YORK

Nailmatic Tattoo Pen Set - LIMITED EDITION NEW YORK

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New York by Jo Little

2 temporary Tattoopen and 7 reusable stencils to travel to New York

The Tattoopen New York duo set by street artist Jo Little will take you on a journey ! This set is a limited edition that was created in collaboration with the Parisian artist.

This kit contains two Tattoopen markers, one pink and one green, and a sheet of 7 reusable stencils to dive into the world of the Big Apple

An urban and rock trip in the heart of the artist's universe with designs adapted to all!

Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, our temporary tattoo markers in this pack can be used on the body and face. The Tattoopen have been designed for sensitive skin and are formulated with 60% water. They are easily erased with water.

The stencils available in the pack are 7 and are a new innovation at nailmatic. They are washable, reusable and made in the Netherlands. Made from recycled plastic, they are also recyclable. The stencils are specially designed for children because they are easily removable and have rounded edges to avoid scratching.

For the more creative and those who wish to draw these beautiful models on other supports, no problem ! They can also be used on a sheet of paper.


🧒 For children aged 3 and above

💧 Formulated with 60% water

🧼 Washable with soap and water

♻ Reusable stencils made from recycled plastic

🇪🇺 Made in the European Union

🧑‍🔬 Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested

The pink and green Tattoopen are made in Europe and more precisely in Italy, near France !

This set contains: 2 Tattoopen, temporary tattoo markers (1 pink and 1 green), 7 reusable stencils imagined by the artist to easily reproduce his universe.

The Tattoopen are easy to handle thanks to their flexible lead that allows to make precision drawings (fine lines, dots, circles, etc). Formulated without oily finish, the ink of our markers dries quickly on the skin and does not smudge. Tattoopen can be used on the body or the face. They are dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.

So...ready to draw?

Find the world of Jo Little on his Instagram : @jolittleinparis.