Organic Goji Berry Powder

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Organic Goji Berry Powder - 70g by Kiki Health. Our organic goji powder originates from the heights of the Qinhai-Tibet plateau in China. Due to the height of the plantations, the growing goji berries enjoy clean, unpolluted air and nutrient-rich Himalayan glacier water. It is these conditions, along with the long hours of sunshine, which make our goji berries incredibly nutritious and pure. Goji Berry Powder is wonderfully versatile, mix it with juices, desserts and smoothies. Goji Berry Powder contains a combination of vitamins and minerals which enhances energy, supports the immune system and assists in maintaining healthy bones and brain health. Now there’s an easy way to enjoy goji berries in a potent, versatile, easy-to-use powder.  Directions: Blend one or more teaspoons of goji berry powder into smoothies, juices or yogurt. Add to dessert recipes to give a nutritional boost or make your own refreshing goji berry juice by mixing around 1 tablespoon to 240ml filtered water. 100% Organic Goji Berry Powder.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Naturally free from gluten and wheat.

High in Vitamin C

High in Iron

Source of Zinc

No artificial colours, preservatives, sweeteners or fillers.