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Pro Hydrate

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30 capsules

ProHydrate is an advanced skin hydrating supplement made from patented ExceptionHYAL hyaluronic acid, nutritious coconut water, MSM, Vitamin C & Zinc. It is clinically proven to support skin moisturisation & elasticity and is ideal for those needing extra hydration and micronutrient support.

Ideal for: Skin Hydration, anti-ageing, mature skin, dehydrated skin.

As we age the skin loses it collagen, elastin & hyaluronic acid content. Hyaluronic acid is what helps the skin bind water and helps to maintain skin hydration. Without good levels of hyaluronic acid your skin cannot hold onto its water.

ProHydrate is an advanced skin hydrating formula made with ExceptionHYAL hyaluronic acid, coconut water, MSM, Vitamin C & Zinc. Hyaluronic acid is the most powerful hydrator of the skin and can bind 1000 times its weight in water. Coconut water taken from young, nutritious coconuts is rich in electrolytes, micronutrients and is intensely hydrating. When blended with MSM, vitamin C & Zinc it becomes an intensely rehydrating and nutrient dense skin boosting formula – Beautifying Nutrition at its best!

Sodium Hyaluronate – Clinically proven skin hydrator
Coconut water – Nutrient dense skin rehydrator
MSM – Anti-inflammatory and skin detoxification
Vitamin C – Antioxidant & collagen performance
Zinc – Healing, rejuvenation & wound repair

In clinical trials it has been shown to improve skin moisturisation, elasticity and wrinkle depth after just 28 days.

ProHydrate is vegan friendly, GMO free and Gluten free. It is made in the UK under the highest GMP conditions.


ProHydrate: Per Serving
ExceptionHYAL Sodium Hylauronate 200mg
MSM 50mg
Coconut Water Powder 100mg
Vitamin C 40mg 50% NRV
Zinc 10Mg 100%

Vegan Formula
Free from: GMO’s, Gluten, BPA, Dairy, Egg

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