Purifier Large
Purifier Large
Purifier Large
Purifier Large

Purifier Large

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aarke Purifier Large

Large Water filter jug

The Purifier Large is a timeless glass carafe water filter jug with no plastic cartridges. Instead: a refillable stainless-steel cartridge with filter granules inside. Purifier Large features the same filter technology as the original Purifier, and holds a larger volume of almost 1.7 L of filtered water.

Due to its larger size, we designed the Purifier Large with a sturdy handle in recycled Ocean Bound Plastic* to support more weight. The Purifier Large features a smart concave lid design and can be stored on a fridge shelf space higher than 25 cm.

Included in the box

• 1 Aarke water filter pitcher

• 1 Pure filter refill bag

• Product manual

• Aarke cleaning cloth

Filter specifications

Total capacity (carafe): 2,84 L

Filtered water capacity: 1,66 L

Filter change indicator: Manual

Filter performance: Up to 120 L or up to 4 weeks

Filtration time: 3-5 minutes per litre

Filter granules change interval (per bag): 4 weeks

Contaminants reduced with Pure filter refill granules: limescale, chlorine, heavy metals (lead and copper)

Contaminants reduced with Enriched filter refill granules: chlorine, heavy metals (lead and copper) + magnesium mineral is added

Please note: next day / express delivery is not guaranteed for this product, and we cannot accept returns

Carafe: glass

Handle: recycled, certified Ocean Bound Plastic* and stainless steel

Filter cartridge: stainless steel

Lid: stainless steel, BPA-free thermoplastic

The whole Purifier filter system is dishwasher safe at 60°C. Please note: the granules should be removed from filter cartridge before putting it into the dishwasher.

*What is Ocean Bound Plastic?
Ocean Bound Plastic is certified, recycled plastic material made from plastic waste at risk of ending up in the ocean – collected close to coastlines, rivers and waterways or from used fishing gear. For more information, visit obpcert.org.

Pure Filter Granules, Enriched Filter Granules

H: 25 cm W: 21 cm ⌀: 13.7 cm

1150 g

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